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What are the steps to completing the LeaseTree process?

Step 1: Browse our special offers on cars and vans here.

Step 2: If you have found a Special offer you are after simply click on it and fill out the short application form.

Step 3: Should you gain a provisional acceptance, our Lease Partners will contact you to advise you full details of the deal and your lease options.

Step 4: Pick a deal that suits you and the new (or used) lease or deal that is best for you. You will be supported through the process and an account manager will be on hand to help you select the the vehicle and to answer any questions.

Step 5: Fill out the brief paperwork.

Step 6: Pay the deposit (where applicable) and pick a date for collection/delivery of your car. If it’s a new vehicle then delivery times vary depending on if the particular vehicle is in stock and your acc manager will advise. If it’s a used vehicle you are likely to be able to get the vehicle within 2 to 14 days but we have even had next day collections on some used vehicles.

Step 7: Have your vehicle delivered or Collect your vehicle and drive away knowing that you have got a fantastic deal or have the car or van delivered to your front door. Easy as 1,2, tree!

How do I finish my existing deal and start a new finance or lease deal?

This very much depends on the nature of your existing deal. We have more in-depth details on ending your existing finance deal here but if your existing deal is a:

Hire Purchase or Conditional Sale deal – simply call the finance company to get a settlement figure which they are then obliged to give you. Once you have this, you can make arrangements to pay off the existing vehicle and then you can either sell the car privately and enter into a new lease or finance deal through Leasetree or trade the car in on one of our deals. Where you are taking our a new deal through one of our partners then you can also request that the partner makes the payment to your old finance company on your behalf and rolls this into your new deal – obviously this will make the monthly payments on your new deal go up but all will be made clear to you prior to this. You can apply for a quote and get help on getting out of your existing HP or Conditional Sale deal here.

Existing PCP (Personal Contract Plan) deals are less straight-forward and slightly more complex to get out of. They are structured in such a way that unless you are very near the agreed term then you are likely to need to pay in to cover a shortfall in what you owe versus the value of the vehicle. You can request a settlement figure from the finance company or alternatively wait till the term has finished and simply hand the car back and pick a new one by get a new by finding one here.

Existing Personal Contract Hire deals are the hardest to get out of and into a new car or van. While they tend to be for a shorter duration than the other forms of finance to will definitely need to pay in for early termination fees and its unlikely to make financial sense to end the agreement early.

Voluntary termination
In some cases, you can use the right to Voluntary terminate your deal using a little know clause from the Consumer Credit Act 1974, Section 99 which allows you to legally end your financial relationship with a lender provided you have entered into a PCP (Personal Contract Plan) or a HP (Hire Purchase) agreement but voluntary termination rights do not cover PCH (Personal Contract Hire) or operating lease deals.

The legal right means that you are entitled to apply voluntary termination of car finance without further implications provided you have paid, or will pay off the total amount payable on your PCP or HP deal. You need to include interest and fees in this amount and you cannot have missed any payments (as you then lose your Voluntary Termination rights) ,that there is no damage beyond “normal wear and tear” (the definition of which is normally supplied up front by your finance or lease company) and that you have taken “reasonable” care of the vehicle if you want to end the car finance agreement under this clause.
You can find more details about Voluntary Termination and upgrading your car here.

What if I have bad credit? Will I be accepted?

While no organisation can guarantee acceptance for either a leasing or finance product, Leasetree helps get people with poor credit into cars every day.

Click on the car you like and apply and then one of our friendly account managers will talk you through the business lease process - alternatively, you can apply directly on this page here.

If you just want the finance as you have already found a car elsewhere then that’s also perfectly fine –we use soft search so simply apply for finance only here.


What if I am in an IVA? Can I get a lease deal?

What if I am in an IVA?

If you are in an individual voluntary agreement (IVA) where you are paying off your debts over an agreed period, we can still get you credit.

We have specialist lenders that have the foresight to approve those in an IVA as these lenders reason that you are committed to paying off historical debt. You will normally need to supply a letter from your Insolvency practitioner saying that by you entering into a new finance agreement will not put yourself at further risk.

Whatever your credit history, it only takes 2 minutes to apply and we are very good at getting approval for those who have previously been declined as we have specialist bad and poor credit lenders on our huge panel of lenders. We only access lenders that use Soft Search in the first instance to see if you will be approved so you can have peace of mind and the service is completely free so why not pick out a car and fill out the short application form  here today.


What if I have one or more CCJs or have missed direct debits or payments?

Having a CCJ or having missed key payments or a poor credit rating does not necessarily mean that you will not get credit or qualify for van or car leasing and finance. Some lenders on our specialist lending panel have no problem granting credit in these circumstances, but you should be aware that you are likely to pay a higher APR than would otherwise be the case as your risk is likely to be seen as potentially higher.

With our huge panel you may be pleasantly surprised that you are in fact approved even if you have a CCJ or that you have a number of lenders willing to provide a loan for a new or used car – simply apply today using our soft search process here.


What if I have been declared bankrupt? Can I get a car on finance?

If you have been declared bankrupt and your bankrupt status has not been discharged then it’s obviously more difficult - but not impossible- to get credit.

You may need to provide additional paperwork and you are likely to have a higher than normal APR to reflect the extra risk but we do have a few specialist lenders who are prepared to consider those in an un-discharged bankruptcy. They tend to use manual underwriting and the process will not be as quick as if you have a clean credit history or if your bankruptcy has already been discharged. The deal is more likely to be a Hire Purchase deal rather than a lease deal and they are more likely to ask for a deposit.

It’s easy to find out, simply fill in our quick application form here. We only use soft search in the first instance so your credit rating is protected.

Do you have nearly new or used cars available on lease?

Yes – we have nearly new and used cars ready to lease as well as brand new cars.

All our lease cars come with free delivery (up to 300 Miles from London) and Road Tax paid for the duration of the agreed lease period.

Click on the car you like and apply and then one of our friendly account managers will talk you through the business lease process - alternatively, you can apply directly on this page here.

If you just want the finance as you have already found a car elsewhere then that’s also perfectly fine –we use soft search so simply apply for finance only here.

Do you do lease and finance deals for businesses?

Yes – All of our personal lease deals are available as business lease deals for qualifying businesses.  Click on the car you like and apply and then one of our friendly account managers will talk you through the business lease process - alternatively, you can  apply for business lease here.

Can I get a car or van lease or finance if I am self-employed?

Yes. You will normally need your driver’s licence and your last 3 months bank statements and some lenders sometimes ask for your last self-assessment but otherwise, the process is streamlined and easy to complete. Simply apply here.

Is road tax and delivery also included in your deals?

Yes! For new and used car lease deals, road tax is included in the quote.

Delivery is Free up to 300 Miles from London.

If you see an offer or deal you like on the site simply click on the vehicle and then fill out the quick, no obligation, soft search form.

You can find all the lease vehicles we have on this page.