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Leasetree was set up to make leasing or funding a car easier for customers like you. Choose from the best available Hybrid, PHEV and All Electric car and van deals available.

GO GREEN with one of our hybrid, hybrid plug in or all electric vehicles today!

LeaseTree take the confusion out of Green motoring.

We work with our suppliers to get the best Hybrid, Hybrid Plug In (PHEV) and All Electric car and van deals for you. Simply search according to your preferred fuel source, find a car or van that suits, click on it and complete the easy application form.

There is a lot of confusion around Alternative fuel sources and their benefits but you can look at this blog here to help choose the best hybrid or all electric option to suit your needs here.

Once you have ordered your new vehicle, we will plant a tree on your behalf in the UK and email you a certificate from our green partner EFORESTS©

Leasetree are here to help.

If you want to get out of your current deal but are not sure of the in’s and outs, simply pick a car that interests you, click on the offer and fill out the Get a Quote form giving details of what car you want and what car you want to move on from. Our helpful partner account managers will guide you through the process and your options

Or just browse our Special Offers here and see what takes your fancy.

  • Simply select a deal you like, click on it and apply for a lease of finance deal using the quick and easy application form.
  • If you can’t see the car or van you need, just fill in the quick “Get a Quote form” advising what car you are after in the comments box and be sure to advise if you want to part exchange at the same time.

Once we know this we can work with you to figure out what you will get for your existing vehicle and how best to get into your new, nearly new or next used car.

  • Alternatively, you can use the contact us form – uses the comments section to ask any question including part exchange ones- and we will come back to you swiftly.

LeaseTree – its as easy as 1,2, Tree.

Need some help?

Leasetree are here to help, please click on the link and fill out some basic contact details. Please include a brief note of what the enquiry is about and we will be back to you soonest.

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