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Business Lease

LeaseTree means business and we deliver when it comes to new, nearly new and used cars and vans with business lease and finance deals. Simply Click on the deal you like then select the Business Price Option.

Business Car and Van Leasing and Finance that works for you

Business Lease on real cars that are affordable are one of our specialities – we specialise in straightforward lease. 


The advantages of leasing are compelling:

  • Ease of budgeting monthly outgoings with an option of including a maintenance package. Upgrade or change vehicles regularly & at the end of the lease period, no need to sell or keep your vehicle, simply hand it back & get a nice, new good looking one.
  • There are often tax advantages but, of course, these should be discussed with your own accountant. You can get more info on the advantages of business lease here.
  • While there are loads of advantages to Leasing, Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax on employees with use of a company car is an often misunderstood area. Leasetree demystify BIK in this article here.

Why Leasetree?

At Leasetree we make it so easy to lease a new, nearly new or used van or car on business lease. Road Tax is free for the duration of the lease and delivery is free up to 300 Miles from London.

Leasing might not be for you so we also offer all types of business car & van finance. Compare the advantages of each type of business financing or leasing, here.

Let Leasetree help you today for free. We are happy to help and what’s more- we will even plant a tree in the UK as a thank-you!

Simply find a car you like, click on it and Apply using the 2 min application form and we will contact you – it really could not be easier.

Need some help?

Leasetree are here to help, please click on the link and fill out some basic contact details. Please include a brief note of what the enquiry is about and we will be back to you soonest.

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