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About us

LeaseTree was set up to make leasing or funding a car easier for customers like you.

We do this for you, for free, forever!

There are hundreds of leasing companies on the internet that promise flexibility, choice and service but very few deliver.

Some will only offer deals on certain makes, others only do new cars and not nearly new or used cars. Some leasing companies will only accept those with pristine credit history whilst some will only offer lease deals on budget cars and not prestige vehicles or only do deals on personal and not business lease.

LeaseTree is different.

We are focused on your needs. We cater for all credit types. If you only want finance as you have already found a car problem. Want an All Electric or Hybrid car, new or used, we have many to choose from. We tend to have family cars and SUVs in stock but can often get you the car you are after.

Leasetree cuts through all of this for you and partners with select companies and lenders to bring you lease deals whatever your needs and best of all, we do this for free!

You get the picture...

We are a friendly one stop shop for all your leasing and finance needs but we are independent so we are on your side and set up to find the right deal for YOU.

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Let's Plant a Tree

LeaseTree offer a completely free service with no catches

LeaseTree gets a small commission from our partners but ensures that this does not affect the deal you get in any way.

As a thank-you for using Leasetree, we will plant a tree on your behalf.

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Our Values


You can trust us to deliver relevant choice and help find the best car and finance deal that's right for you.


We want to help. It is why Leasetree exists. All your vehicle and finance needs taken care of in one place.

Giving Back

We try to offset some of the damage that vehicle emissions cause - Let us plant a tree on your behalf!


We know that there is a lot to consider when you lease or finance a new or used car or van. We have tried to gather all the frequently asked questions in one handy place - just click on the link below.

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