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Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSi SE Tech 5dr Hatch

The Skoda Octavia is reliable, safe and a good choice for a short term lease deal. The Skoda Octavia wont let you down and has some great features together with fantastic tech. Get your Octavia on a no nonsense short term lease deal today.

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From only £479 incl VAT per month. 28 day rolling contract.  1250 miles/month. £0 deposit. Alternative mileage and term lengths available.

From only £399 excl VAT per month. 28 day rolling contract.  1250 miles/month. £0deposit. Alternative mileage and term lengths available.

Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSi SE Tech 5dr Hatch

This Skoda Octavia is a fantastic short term lease deal and is a great all rounder that is ready for the city, the motorway, family fun on the week-end and easy and economical cruising on the UK’s motor ways.

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It’s easy to get your hands on a Skoda Octavia short term lease deal:

At Leasetree we want you to have the widest range of lease deals available to you. We have short term lease deals for cars and vans which start at 28 days and go up to 24 months.

We also do short term business leases along with short term personal leasing.

Key considerations when you take out short term lease deals is that you don’t need to worry about vehicle maintenance or road tax. Many of our short term lease deals come with 24 hour emergency cover and we can delivery your new short term lease anywhere in mainland UK. Most of our short term lease deals are available for next day collection or delivery.

A short term deal for every situation

A 28 day to 6 month lease deal is great for those who just need a car or van to get through a relatively short period of time.

  • You may be starting a new job and what to see how it goes before committing to a longer lease.
  • You may have plans to travel in the medium term but still need a vehicle in the interim
  • You may want to try out a particular make or model before moving on to a more lengthy lease
  • You may even just like the idea of changing your car often!

No need to commit

Having a 12 month lease deal is great for new companies that are starting out and want to limit their liabilities. It’s also a great way of getting a new car or van relatively frequently so you are never stuck with an ageing vehicle.

Flexibility on your terms

You can even change your vehicle to suit your needs, for example as your business grows or even if your family grows. Having a permanent new car smell from your temporary lease vehicles feels like a great luxury but with Leasetree and our broker partners, it’s as easy as having a normal lease deal.

So many short term lease advantages

There are loads of advantages to having a short term lease including generally not having to worry about the cost of MOT’s or road tax and if something goes wrong with the car that isn’t your fault…well, it isn’t your problem.

You can find more advantages and things to consider when considering flexible short term leasing here.

BVRLA Codes of Conduct

LeaseTree only work with short term lease providers that belong to and abide by the code of conduct set by the BVRLA ( British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association ) so you can have peace of mind when choosing your short term rental.

There’s a surprising amount of poorly run short term lease/ rental companies out there so make sure you aren’t caught out – use our tried and tested suppliers and let us sort the admin for you.

LeaseTree- it’s as easy as 1,2, tree!

Note: Vehicle specs change. All vehicle images and car descriptions on this site are for illustration and reference purposes only and are not necessarily an accurate representation of the vehicle on offer though we do try to make them as accurate as possible.


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