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Fiat 500 1.2 Pop Star 3dr

This little city star car is a head turner which makes sense on so many levels. The Fiat 500 Pop Star is inexpensive to lease or own, cheap to run (fuel, insurance, tax & maintenance) with amazing retro looks. LeaseTree are here to help whatever your credit profile – Join the Fiat 500 Club today!

Fiat 500 1.2 Pop Star 3dr

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From only £206.33 incl VAT per month. 60 month term. Unlimited mileage. £618.99 incl VAT Deposit & £39.99 Doc fee. Alternative deposit and term lengths available.

From only £206.33 incl VAT per month. 60 month term. Unlimited mileage. £618.99 incl VAT Deposit & £39.99 Doc fee. Alternative deposit and term lengths available.

The Fiat 500 Pop Star – it makes sense!

There are loads of reasons to go for the Fiat 500 Pop Star.

Great Retro looks for starters!

One thing you know about the Italians is that they are hard to beat when it comes to retro style. The Fiat 500 looks cute, self contained and comfortable in its diminutive frame. It just looks approachable and fun and its one of those cars you instantly know the shape of when its mentioned.

Getting around town

Small is good when you need to get into that last parking in the road your neighbours can’t get their 4×4’s and SUV’s into. Its also handy when you just want to nip into the shops or when you need to take the kids to a party on a crowded road. If you live in the city or a suburb then you can’t go wrong if you want a stylish, fun and useful run about that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Fiat 500 Pop Star is obviously a city car but just because its good in the city does not mean you cant go on a long country drive…in fact the Fiat 500 is capable of reaching speeds of just under 100 mph though who needs that as it will do 70 without raising a sweat.

Inexpensive to lease, own and run

The Fiat 500 Pop is very frugal as well getting over 57 miles per gallon, 12.5 miles per litre and due to its size, engine size and cost the Fiat 500 Pop does not cost an arm and a leg to insure.

Fiat 500 Pop Features

The Fiat 500 Pop has more to it than might seem. The Fiat 500 had a full overhaul a few years ago and some excellent kit was added at the time. LED daytime running lights – so what you might say but when you are nipping in an out of traffic these lights can make the difference…make way for the Fiat 500 they say!

From a safety point of view there are 7 airbags and curtain airbags – where did they manage to fit so many in?! There is also a tyre pressure monitoring system which is useful for those of us who don’t have the time to do vehicle checks all the time- at least that’s one less thing to worry about.

The Pop also comes with ABS with EDB ( Electronic Brake Distribution) which is a fancy way of saying it has brake technology designed to help you stop faster on a cold February morning- useful!

Handy Fiat 500 Pop Extras

There are also some handy extras such as:

  • Body colour bumpers and chrome handles which help to give the Fiat 500 its distinctive looks.
  • Air Conditioning
  • A stop start system to save you fuel – and cash.
  • A decent sized, Tardis like, boot.

The Fiat 500 Pop Star- An impish star!

What’s not to like about this nippy star? Inexpensive to lease, own, licence, insure and run. Great impish looks. Loads of extra features and a fantastic deal, the zippy and zany Fiat 500 Pop could be on your driveway ( or reversing into the tightest of parking places on your street) in no time.

How to get your hands on the Fiat 500

Remember that LeaseTree are here to help so your monthly payments may even be less than this representative offer depending on your credit profile.

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