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Thank You for Your Enquiry!

Remember that LeaseTree & LeaseWiz plant a tree on your behalf when you take out a lease or finance deal

Leasetree - doing our bit for a cleaner and heathier environment

LeaseTree exists as a free service to customers like you who want to get a great deal on a car or van lease.

The LeaseTree team believe in giving back and the power of kind acts so, as a thank you for using the site, when you get a deal through LeaseTree or LeaseWiz we would like to plant a tree on your behalf.

While one tree only makes a small difference, EFORESTS© has been operating as a “not for profit” since 2006 and since then have been responsible for planting over 120,000 trees helping to make the UK a greener space and offsetting carbons in the process.

To find out more about EFORESTS© and the good work they do, click here.

You don’t need to do anything, once your deal does through, we will pay EFORESTS© to plant a tree in the UK and we then send you an official certificate from EFORESTS© and LEASETREE© via email (no trees are damaged in the making of our certificates!)

If you like, when you get the certificate you can use your unique number to see where Your Tree was planted, the woodlands itself and the types of trees planted in it.

LeaseTree believe that, with your help, we and EFORESTS© can make a real difference – thanks for using our site!

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