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The zero deposit and no deposit leasing guide.

10th April 2019

At Leasetree we specialise in zero deposit lease & finance

10th April 2019

Why tie up cash?
Keep the cash in your pocket and check out our amazing zero deposit lease and finance deals.

Why is a deposit even required in the first place?
Have you ever been in a car dealership, found a car you want and then felt under pressure to provide a deposit payment? Car dealerships are known for this approach where they want to get you committed to a deposit and also because they often have limited lending panels – sometimes only one lender- and if you put down a deposit then you are more likely to be approved by their limited choice of lenders.

At Leasetree, we don’t subscribe to this approach. Deposits are of course welcome and a good way of reducing your monthly payment but you don’t necessarily need to put down a deposit in order to benefit from a great zero deposit lease of finance deal.

In some cases, a deposit will be required, for example, if you have a poor credit rating ( although often this is not the case) and zero deposit deals are now available to most people, especially where you deal with a supplier that has a decent sized lending panel.

Leasetree have access to all types of finance from PCP through to hire purchase and contract hire and we cater for business and personal lease and finance deals. We offer zero deposit lease deals and we have all types of lenders servicing Prime customers and customers whose credit rating is not as great.

No deposit business deals
If you are a business, why should you tie up valuable capital in a new or used car or van? Likewise, if you want a personal lease or finance deal, there is no need to put your hard earned cash into the deal up front – you can simply request a zero deposit deal!

Leasetree make it easy for you to get the best and wide range of van or car lease deals from our huge panel of partners and lenders – simply fill in the short application safe in the knowledge that our partners only look to use soft search in the first instance, sit back and wait for the market-leading zero deposit deals to come your way.

How do you get a zero deposit deal?

It’s free and easy!
Best of all, our service is completely free! Zero deposit, a free service and huge choice in vehicles and finance options – now that makes sense!