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Leasing, financing or buying a Prestige Car – Leastree help you decide

14th April 2019

Should I lease, finance or buy a Prestige car and what are the advantages?

14th April 2019

Should I lease, finance or buy a Prestige car and what are the advantages?

Leasetree recognise that when you outlay a large amount of money on a  Prestige Vehicle or Super-Car you want to know that you are dealing with a company that has a reputation to uphold, won’t unnecessarily complicate things, understands that time is important and, naturally – will offer a solid deal.

The normal way to buy a Prestige car is to go into a few Prestige dealerships like the traditionally tried and trusted German brands or top end franchises like Lexus, Jaguar or Volvo. You may even be in the market for a supercar such as a McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini. So you do the rounds and then hopefully get the car and the (often expensive) finance from the dealer.

The good news is that you can get access to all these top-end brands and more through Leasetree. Cars, Lease and Finance deals all in one convenient place. We have – or can get – pretty much any car you like either on lease or through more traditional finance choices removing any risk or uncertainty with straightforward quotes and service.

Instead of doing the rounds of the luxury brands and then negotiating and sitting in a dealership waiting for a salesman, why not simply apply through Leasetree. We have access to new, nearly new and used Prestige vehicles and you can lease or finance the car pretty much any way you like. Our carefully selected partners all have reputations to uphold and have been in the motor trade for many years with proven service and the real ability to deliver.

From luxury BMW’s, Audis and Mercs through to all the supercars under the sun – Leasetree can access these plus finance / lease them through a proven panel of 19 lenders. The service is completely free – we receive a small commission from our partners but insist that this does not change the deal to you in any way. Our partners actually prefer to deal with us and our Prestige customers instead of paying for costly leads online.

There is no catch with Leasetree – If you see a Prestige or Performance deal you like in the Prestige Section of the site, simply click on it and fill out the straight forward application form. Our carefully selected, authorised and regulated, credit partners will do the rest to secure you the best car lease or finance deal and the car to match.

Be Sure to check out our Instagram site where we often have hot Prestige and Performance cars ready to go.

If you can’t find the car of your dreams, we have hundreds of Prestige Cars from the likes of 4 Series BMW’s, Audi A8s, Mercedes of all types – all the way up to Supercars. Just fill in the 4 field “Get a Quote” form and be sure to tell us about the cars that interest you – we are very likely to have one in stock.

Need a quotation or query answered? The Contact Form is the one for you – we will be back to you directly.

Leasetree offers a discrete, straight-forward and free service –  we even plant a tree on your behalf to thank you for using Leasetree!