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A complete guide for finance only deals when you have already found the car or van of your dreams.

9th April 2019

Already found a car or van and just looking for finance - let Leasetree help

9th April 2019

If you only want finance to go with a car or van you have already found then Leasetree has the answer.

So you have found the car you want already and you just need finance for it – can you get finance through us but get the car or van elsewhere? The answer is – Yes!

Leasetree have set up a fast service to make sure you can get hold of the car or van of your dreams with our panel of lenders ready to give you a great deal to match.

How does “just the finance” work?

Click on the Just Finance  link here or navigate to the Just Finance page on the site. Fill in the fast application form and that is it! We will be back to you soonest.

If you don’t have the vehicle details but know how much you want to borrow then simply enter this amount into the comments box.

Most lenders will want the vehicle to come from a dealer that has been trading and approved by the FCA for more than a year. This is in order to protect them (and you) from fraud. A few will consider dealers that have been operating for less time but if you want the widest choice of lenders – and the associated best APR – then its best to pick a car or van supplier that is FCA registered – you can see which companies are registered with the FCA here,  and has been operating for more than 12 months.

If you want to find your own car or you have already found it, we are extremely well paced to get you the finance you need. If you want to find out more about the different finance types we offer, simply click here.

Leasetree wants to make it easy for you to find and get finance – simply fill out the quick app on the Just Finance page, our proven partners will run a fast, “soft search” and we will come back to you with finance deals.  You could be in your new motor in no time….its as easy as 1,2, Tree.